Schemata are smart contract templates, they allow asset issuers not to worry about coding.
Each schema contains declaration of RGB contract structure, necessary scripts and verification rules.
Contract creators and asset issuers just select appropriate schema and use it to instantiate the contract.

🎖️ Name Details Interfaces Developer Full ID # Contracts


NFT-like fungible token RGB25Base LNP/BP Standards Association 🏅 rgb:sch:WyrI$aUDuVjbYe10jDRYw$R7vQ0r4DSTitf4Wfx$La8#mister-clinic-history 0


Fixed supply fungible token RGB20Fixed LNP/BP Standards Association 🏅 rgb:sch:KzMZV9bO7gFhox97!klj0FonG2ZKnjuOIg2tFChu$YA#lucas-episode-silicon 0


Fungible token with variable supply RGB20Replaceable unknown dev rgb:sch:r4sWZXoiB8LzL1oiT$6f0jpoEy7IwX3c0T3beqyP1I0#donald-clinic-giant 0


NFT which is non-divisible and singular RGB21Unique LNP/BP Standards Association 🏅 rgb:sch:zsu4e2XePxL$CV62b5zrHzViasqEfara441L9t!1wVo#jungle-valid-summer 1

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