Assets, provided by known / listed RGB smart contracts, including fungible tokens, NFTs, fungible collectibles and others.

Ticker Name Issuer Contract Category Supply
⚠️ TEST Test asset
Unidentified issuer(s) ⚠️ rgb:lqfTIvXA-DCS05gS-$L$fpzk-szCCqVu-uhBYOgU-EXj3MBI Unclassified 999 TEST
⚠️ SUSTTT Single Use Seal Test Token Two
Lets Seal the Deal
Unidentified issuer(s) ⚠️ rgb:Jv8aQPE@-ovEMHKd-telMY9l-7P@@giV-nijAyLR-5Xw@qUE Unclassified 21000000 SUSTTT

Displayed 2 out of 3 assets in 3 contracts from 2 issuers